There are over 455,000,000+ WordPress websites in the world. WordPress is a powerful open-source tool to create amazing and beautiful websites with little to no coding expertise. Themes and Plugins are used to fill the gaps in design and function. They’re very easy to install and manage, BUT because so many businesses all over the world are using the same structure (WordPress), Plugins and Themes; hackers are able to find vulnerabilities in WordPress, plugins, themes. and potentially hacking millions of sites using it. Huge pain and inconvenience to any business. I can’t ensure you will not be hacked because there are a lot of factors, but backing up and updating is the best first line of defense. If you are ever compromised you know we have a very recent backup of your website, ensuring you are back up and live within a day.

So, WordPress, Plugin, and Theme developers are constantly uploading updated versions. If you have a WordPress website you should be backing up and updating your themes and plugins weekly to better ensure the security of your website.

Most business owners are busy running their businesses and just forget or do not have the time to do this task, and that is why we do it for them. It is not difficult or even that time consuming but it is VERY IMPORTANT, and often overlooked until it’s too late.

This package includes a full site backup too because if you ever have an issue we have an update. Also, before any update, we always perform a backup just in case there is an issue with the update.

Most clients opt for our $40/month weekly backup and update plan, but we do offer just $10 backup & updates.

If you are just looking for a tutorial on how we do it. We do offer a private zoom session for $50. We will walk you through the entire process on your website, record it, and send it to you for future viewing.


  • Full Website Backup 
  • Update WordPress
  • Update Plugins
  • Update Themes